Looks like a priest fights a sexually confused demon Buddha statue

From UkuHawa, or Bonze Kackremboh

More from Badman, advocate for cross-dressing as the path to nirvana

The terribly translated intro

The discoverers of this river sure know how to instill us with a sense of... Indecisiveness. | W-w-what? A BURNING Inferno? Impossible! | If the people who built the maze also named it, somehow I don't think it will be too difficult to find my way | AND BONZE MAKES THE SEMIFINALS! THE CROWD GOES WILD! | The arcade game just rejected me. Great. I'm now a TOTAL failure | LET HE WHO USES SPELLCHECK CAST THE FIRST STONE! | Totally. I think I'll need a good month off to recover from the shock delivered from this arcade machine | Way to be persuasive. "Eh, you can continue if you want, I guess. Doesn't matter to me" | They might... ASK YOU FOR DIRECTIONS! (dramatic chord)

The terribly translated ending | "ALL ROUND CLEAR BONUS" | "Producer" or "Concept" (or whatever is trying to be said here) just isn't good enough for some people | Three out of four ain't that bad | Tell me, goddammit! I just can't take it anymore! | Horrifying! | This might be a piece of good advice when the player is throwing the controller against the wall, not when he's finished the game | "'YACK'"