One of the few Neo Geo platform games, created early in the Neo's life. You know what that means? It has a trendy environmental theme, just like most everything in the early nineties! BARF.

Contributions from Chrono764, saving the environment by not wearing clothes or showering.

And when your powers combine, Badman! is! CAPTAIN PLANET!

I'll try!

I can't wait until the drew!

"Oh. Sorry miss."

Selective inbreeding has given the Princess her powerful command on insults | Well shit, you take a nap and the whole world goes to hell | This has to be one of the worst last boss speeches ever. You're worse than Dr. Wily, Daruma. WORSE THAN FREAKING DR. WILY! | The Derelict just NEVER SHUTS UP | Talk about a whirlwind romance. Do all girls marry the first guy carrying an enormous leaf that comes along? | No, I don't believe it | What, does he wear all the staff's clothes and rolls around in mud or something? I have a feeling he's not a staffer, but a homeless man they let in. | ...I have no idea what they're trying to say... | Blue's is a real problem solver | Did the 'N' key seize up after slamming your fists on the keyboard to make up most of the code for their game? | Another brilliant introduction. All your damn base are belong to Daruma | No shit? | I guess SNK broke ground by featuring a retarded kid in a supporting role in their game | Uhh... The rival makes a touching sacrifice, only it's not touching and it's actually the most retarded thing ever | A shopkeeper should keep track of discounts and sales! | Rich bitch | The old man's brilliant sales pitch | Thanks, but I'll have to politely decline | Dammit, that would actually make this game worth playing | More punctuation hijinx | Subtle sales tactics! | A toy obviously not worthy of an "a" | ...Avoids what? | No one wants to grow up to be a loster. | Well, shit. Looks like a graveyard of me.