Black Tiger. If I were to venture a guess as to what this game is about, it's about tigers. That are black. I don't know.

From Officer Jack, whose name may rhyme with Black but it certainly isn't Black.

Well, great, thanks for narrowing things down for me | Okay, I think I found all the stupid meaningless hidden symbolism in Evangelion, do I get money now? | That just pays it off nicely! | When I destroy, I always make sure to destroy into darkness. Precautionary measure, you know. | Thrank Yrou! | Black Tiger Dude: "Okay, I saved three lives. That's my quota for today. The rest of them can go die or something" Pedro: "VERY NO!!!!!!!" | Skull just doesn't seem as threatening a word when it's spelled with a 'c' - It sounds kind of happy! | Don't count on it, baldy | "Miss Tron! We found 800 zenny! We're rich!"