The only thing i'm glad about the Battletoads is that they have been finally destroyed... But for how long?!?

How come Abobo goes from complete moron to regular intelligence in two paragraphs? | Oh no.

The cast of characters

Hey, that's not the grotesque mutant Abobo we all know and love... That's just a barabarian from some geek's "fantasy art" collection wearing jeans! | Yes, a second-rate hurricaine kick will certainly help when fighting 20 foot tall rats and giant robots | I'm scared. Really. | Dark Queen never was a CLEVER villian... | But as I can see, your taste in being in a good game is slightly lacking | DIE YOU FUCKING STUPID PSUEDO-FURRIES! | AND FUCK YOU! YOU'RE NO NINJA TURTLE! | OK... I'll calm down and just say that maybe this guy should maybe have spent the extra five bucks and got a good speaker | Really, what game of Double Dragon would be complete without the "big guy who has a gun"? | Wow... Is that the Shockmaster? Oh no, EVIL GOT AN UPGRADE! | AND FUCK YOU TOO! GOD BATTLETOADS SUCK! HUAGHLAGALGA!!!