From the fact that they were actually able to produce an arcade game based on the game that single handedly drove hundred of NES fans into prisons and mental institutions, we can draw a corollary that THERE IS NO GOD.

From Badman, anthropomorphic adolescent mutant iguana

That must be a really rotten-smelling hobby | You know, I think she should be going more for the 'Femme Fatale' villain archetype rather than the 'Incomprehensibly Retarded' villain archetype | Well, at least they're taking the passive-agressive route | Well, personally I'd rather be a Duke of Hazzard and have the laws of physics not apply to me | I think this ending took the throne of 'most utterly contrived ending' until FFVIII later dethroned it | It's so nice that the Toads even bury their dead unlike those River City Ransom boys; they just steal their vanquished foes money and buy Acro Circuses with them | The 'k' is for 'krappy ass license!' | Froggy suckers? That sounds like a really nasty kind of fetish | You know, that's not a witty use of consonance at all | And so I guess he's going to dance around naked to bad metal music? Wait, that was METHODS of Mayhem, nevermind. | Pimple, whose arm looks really fucked up here. Also, the BT Big Hammer and Wun Tun Stomp are almost as effective as the Coconut Cr' | Are these stupid enemies versed enough in BLATANTLY OBVIOUS INSULTS? | So I guess that they're saying Rash is the more 'colorful' member of the group if you know what I'm gaying, err, saying. | Next time you have the urge to use that certain four letter word, just say "froggin'" and get the ROYAL LIVING CRAP kicked out of you | Switch the letters of "cunning runts" and you'll get why this one is up here | DRILLA KILLA! God, I hate the Battletoads