You know, you can shoot things in the game Chiller, and there's naked things there too. Why would you play this?

From Cool-J, he have no idea of the battle game. And neither do I.

And from FunkDOC, gigantic unwieldy light gun

"You have no idea of the battle game."

This reminds me of Seinfeld

Not only does he have all of the regular duties of an advisor, but he also has to fight crime at night

I love it when people with little grasp of the English language try and make fun of me. Funnier than hell

Hoooooly shit | Professor Turdface's formula to determine mecha battle chances: a-b=c; where a = his mech (100), b = your mech (100) and c = chances your mech has to win. IT IS IRREFUTABLE! | METAPHORS ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC | Yes, Lt. Commander Data, contractions are hard | No, because when I RISE FROM MY GRAVE I don't want to have to eat the British if they taste as bad as what they eat | Well, if you translated your battle hymn to english, it likely became a fucked up like this sentence so it won't really have the same effect | Battle Clash likes to use the expression "Most Incredible" a lot. Ob-ser-uv: | 2 | They also like laughing like a damn idiot | 2 | Someday, I'll make an anime called "Oh My Scarab!" about a college kid who inadvertantly summons a scarab beetle during a phone call and, uh, shit, I really haven't thought this through too well | Also one called Oh My Stars! about... Aw, fuck it, everyone knows that my anime would just be Gunsmith Cats with more lesbian sex | I think this guy needs some MORE FREAKING PLASMA SHELLS | Hey, thanks, I've been a little insomniatic lately | Remember how fruity it seemed in Final Fantasy 2 when enemies would "swoon" your characters? Jesus...