Ah, Battle Arena Toshinden 2. Best known as being the premiere shitty 3D fighter in the timeframe of after Ballz, and before WarGods

From Badman, head of "The Secret Organization"

...So only he knows if he's happy or sad? Cause I'm guessing he's the only one who could give a rat's ass about it | Good to see them working on the story plot | SAD ENDING! That is it would be, had this game had any well designed or memorable characters... | Couldn't it be simplified by saying "With great power comes great responsibility?" | Let us celebrate the destruction of "The Secret Organization!" | Are these supposed to be real amazing and deep endings? Because I've heard more prose and meaning in Vanilla Ice's "Go Ninja Go" | What a hollow and meaningless ending... How appropriate, as that's the feeling of anyone who plays the game | The game makes what? | Since there's a Toshinden 3, I guess I have to sadly say "TO BE CONTINUED" | HE CONTINUES FIGHTING, KEEPING ANGER IN HIS HEART! | You'd think a secret organization THIS powerful would've found the time to make a name better than "The Secret Organization" | But with her appearing to be a S&M dominatrix, wouldn't she LIKE the pain? Or is she not a fan of the pain, like the dominatrix girl in Runaway City? | So she finally won... IN THE NAME OF THE JUSTICE!