I really have no idea what this game is all about. I could try to figure it out from the game's title, but THAT COULD ONLY END BADLY.

From Rufus, who kicks an orange ball around because of his shadowy backstory

I guess "Move the lever in the direction that you want the ball to move" just doesn't have the same poetry to it, does it? | That reminds me of that time when my dog died and I decided to become a radish farmer | THEN THE WORLD IS DOOMED TO WAR AND CHAOS, MR. TURNIP-HEAD | This sounds even more boring than playing chess against yourself | I guess this long and difficult sentence is a metaphor for the long and difficult road to fame | Does that mean that she's going to make her friends pay her if she loses? | OH MY STARS, HOW HEAVY HER HEART MUST BE FROM HER SECRET SHAME