Even badder than Bad Dudes, it's Bad Street Brawler! Boy, what a fitting title.

From Ninjaboyneo in really horrible, neon, clashing spandex.

Thanks for the advice!

"Friends come and go. But enemies accumulate."

This quote is sort of like a fortune cookie. It tries to be deep and meaningful, but comes off sounding fucking retarded

And this damn game goes right into the marrow and TEARS YOUR BODY APART FROM THE INSIDE | Battle cry of the schizophrenic | Dammit, Bad Street Brawler, stop molesting that dog! | Indeed, you won't be feeling it for long when you play this game | Uh... Sure thing... | Inspired words from the spandex man himself | Yeah, logic pretty much proves that... | NO | .... | Well, tough shit, if you were a Bad Dude you would get a burger with Reagan, but because you're only a Bad Street Brawler you get dick