It's like State of Emergency in ancient China. And with worse voice acting!

From Gilgamesh. Thanks to his gigantic beard, his head will NEVER be cut off!

I just...hate it when people get aggressive | Never trust a man with a beard. Or without a beard. | That's a rather creative metaphor | Whatever you say, chief | Make your own "camp" joke | Alf Stewart would be proud. | Are you being sarcastic, dude? | For some reason, he sounds to me like a sports commentator | Is that a Birdbot? | TETSUOOOOOOO | Huh? Wha? | So there really is going to be another sequel? | Why not tomorrow? I mean, I've already got plans today. | Gasp! | "Fort! Tear down!" | You lost what? Your contact lenses? Your dignity? | Perhaps a little "Hello! My name is" sticker would have been more appropriate | And now he's just quoting his bumper sticker | Interesting name for a policeman | Do I have an appointment? | Yes, they appear to be covered with horrible and disgusting pink skin | Attack together? Different sides? Is that even possible? I guess that's why he's the military tactician and not me | As a matter of fact, yes I do |Did he just say "yo"? | Yes, we simply must!