It's by Treasure, that means you should be playing it.

From Evil Robot Norondor, playing keepaway with Evil Robot Bill's head. BOGUS!
And from Pottsdam, who will never be the HEAD of a major corporation. Oh please kill me.
And from Wheelie McJesus, who's always ready for some Headdy.

This sounds sort of sick, does it not?


Computers have obscene amounts of memory and it's telling ME to remember a stupid number?

*BANG* | Um, that makes exactly no sense as a witty play on words | MORE HOT ACTION!

I guess they're tired of having little kids piloting them and making terrible speeches about the nature of war inside of them. You'd be mad too! | Oh fuck, this is the WORST PUN EVER | Okay, not as bad as this one. WHO IS YOUR DADDY AND WHAT DOES HE DO?

Are you sure? | GO MOON! Also, check out the dancing astronaut | First it was kart-racing, golf, and Mario's got his own basketball game | Indeed | Do you like puns? | I KNOW I DO!! | The guy in the middle kinda looks like Andross