Hey, let's play invent-a-story Dungeons & Dragons madlibs:

By Odin's beard! Evil (X) are invading the peaceful land of (X). Now it's up to the heroic (X) to save the day and defeat their leader (X) before the land is condemned to darkness!

Now fill in all the (X)'s. If the above paragraph even remotely makes sense, report to Capcom headquarters for a game design job.

Thanks for the estimate | Why the hell did Capcom hire criminals that are programmers? Then why did they brag about it in the credits? | Too bad the Wise Ones never learned the basics of apostrophes | Maybe.. a huge door? | Most women have this reaction when I poke them | Orcs too | After about 10 minutes of playing, I felt the same way | Elves are so polite about being poked | I can't think of a caption to make this shot look dumber than it already is | But it doesn't even have a damn DOOR | Give the map to someone who isn't retarded and you'll find out | Here's another beyond-dumb one that you have to see to believe | More exclamation points = more drama!!!! | Name your price, baby | The currency system from Faxanadu returns! | Dramatic | This is just bad. SNK bad. Just read it. | Nuts