MORE PUYO PUYO! ARRRGH! This time, it's based on the shitty "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon. PAIN.

From The tECHIDNA, one mean bean

"Come to Arms my beauties."

"Arms is always too wrapped up in himself to do anything useful."

More egg puns than a Denny's menu!

"I reckon I need to pioneer some new techniques."

"I've got more sizzle than a rasher of bacon."

What is this guy implying about Dr. Robotnik?

"I'm Spike and I'm gonna stick it to ya!"

"Ol' Ffuzzy-Fface got tied in knots, huh?"

Scratch is so punny, it makes me want to beat my head in.

"You dopey duncebots - can't you do anything right?"