Dragon Warrior without the mangled Old English doesn't feel quite right.

From the oddly colored Sky Render, and old the Badman.

Gotta take it a step at a time | Huhuhuh... take a look at that there bloodythirsty monster | Don't trust the clergy in console RPG's, kids | The plot twist at the end is that the main character is actually alive | Sunshine, lollipops and bloody smears | My suspicions are confirmed: God is an oompa loompa | A slime speaks! | Life is tough when you have only 3 HP | Man, the monsters in this game sure show a lot of character. It would almost make me feel guilty about slaughtering them by the hundred | Sit down, and drink your goddamn WOE

'urry up! 'old the man while I search 'is 'ouse! | I don't know what the hell happened here. | Poor little...thing | Sounds like a plan. | Horny blob, 40, shaved, sexy, wants to do it all day...