By now, you should realise that we hate this series. DW3 isn't that bad though.

All of these quotes come from DM Hawkmoon, Leo, and Fahbs. Thou art so... Odd.

Well, it was either that or Sodomy City | Uh, yeah... "pepper" | Whoa, he threw us a curveball there | sounds synonymous with cats: meow, purr and "sigh" | "Hawk part with Edge." | DUHHH BUHHH | cool king | for the massive undertaking of Dragon Warrior 3, Enix recruited the best Old English scholars they could possibly afford (i.e; bums off street / one-armed prostitutes) | Uh, then how do you know his name? | ...

I suspect she got pregnant

Don't you just feel soooo sorry for this kid?