Looks like your typical horribly translated, and horribly made platformer from the late 80's

Hurry up Continue! Cancel to Fire Badman

Anyone wanna try explaining what the fuck this means? | Directed by the man who gives you THE best car deals in town! | They should have hired Gendo Ikari. If ANYONE knows how to mainpulate stuff, it's him... | Now wonder they misspelled debugger; He was a ZOMBIE! | By his spelling, it looks like "Tom_boy" is a 12 year old that Athena Corporation hired from AIM | Those aren't names; They're part of an elaborate alcoholic beverage campaign! | Don't worry, man... I always do... | Wow... I can't even begin to describe how poorly this was written... | The epic story begins. If by epic, you mean horribly contrived, and pathetically translated | Just be patient, key!