The first in a long line of bad games based off the Dragon Ball franchaise. Dear god, the pain...

From Yamcha Hibiki, who wished for a pair of UNDERWEAR!

And Vitriolic, whose power level is increasing exponentially! Run for it!

And Badman, who needs to stop polymorphing so much and just sit down and eat his damn dinner before it gets cold.

Coming close to the powerful and thought provoking narrative of Dragon Ball Z comes this intro

Well, I'm sold | Old age and isolation were pretty hard on this one's mental processes | A creative contraction of "let it" or just another typo? You decide | Urrrhhh... | I wouldn't bother with trying to make sense out of this | Yes, your eyes are in working order | "Come on! Swift cloud!! Jump on well." | Might want to check where that speech bubble is pointing to, buddy

I am so mach confused by this quote | It will take more than a simple "I'm sorry" to atone for your horrible sin of... uh, I'm not sure | This quote has a valuable moral: be nice to others or you'll end up as a pile of carrots that talks like Santa Claus