The complete homogenization of all beat-em-ups into tournament fighters would be a disturbing trend if it weren't for the fact that beat-em-ups were never fun.

ABOBO SMASH SHARKEY! But not Soler Ochoa... And maybe he'll rough The Green Herring up a little

Low fat? What's that?

Oh sweet god. I have found the reason I hate heavy metal

More stupid laughs. MU MU MU

I couldn't tell you what she's babbling about to herself

What a nasty little (actually fat) man

Instead of his kids giving him a "World's Greatest Dad" mug, they give him a "Worlds Biggest Retard" drool cup

He's also schizophrenic

Then don't go into a fighting tournament

You can't judge me by the size of my wang!

Sure thing there, bucko



The ever-impressive insult, "Porker"


Uh.. Sure..

Fatty must have a lot of self-esteem problems

I feel so sorry for Fatty

I guess this option gives them a really useful hat or something like that. One of those beer guzzling hats!