I read somewhere that Donkey Kong can be translated as "Fuck Kong" in Japanese. The more you know.

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And Manna Kong

Cranky Kong, patron saint of HRADKR0E OLDSKOOL gamers. | I don't know what he's talking about, but it sounds dirty

Well, Rare's copied this game's format about a billion times after being stuck making new versions of Battletoads... | SPARE THE ROD SPOIL THE CHILD | Well, that's because Cranky shares the skills of the five year odl who "honed his skills" on Marvel vs Capcom 2. On a related note: PSM said that the vs series had a much more refined and complex play system that the other Capcom fighters... We give our condolences to his family, after he was implaed when the back of his throat was impaled by the collective dicks of the vs making staff | Well, they went through the trouble of making Legend of Dragoon a 4 disc long game... | He's got a VERY good point here, as what the hell was worth noting? | Part one of the story | Part 2 of the story. Sorrry, didn't get any better