Yet another H-Game with not enough H, and too much Game.

Badman is the nurse's office. And Victor von Doom is having a brake.

Especially since that strange man paid us a large amount of money to let him put hidden cameras all over the school... | Stevie? Is that you? | This one speaks for itself | From the look on her face, I'd say the answer is yes | Just like a tin of sardines. A tin of sexy, female sardines. | Forget about the ecstacy for a moment and start making some goddamn sense | Ranmaru is a master of disguise | That's the strangest insult I've heard since "weeniemeister" | Don't make me choose! | TELL GHOST STORIES | Ranmaru obviously knows that chicks in H-Games never get offended | Yes. I'm talking to you. Please stop misquoting Taxi Driver and listen. | I hope this is heading where I think it's heading... | Fell how weak you truly are! | Well, nothing that a couple of hours with an illegal copy of Photoshop can't fix...

Was that a joke? I don't get it. | That's a relief. Sort of. | I don't think I'm ever going to understand any of these people. | Cringing your lips? How do you do that? | AAAAGH THERE'S A BABY ON THE CEILING | Look, everyone! It's Ranmaru, the lovable Cockney rogue! | There's no time for alliteration now! | Thanks, dickhead | "Thanks" for the "advice".