I am a rare unique +3 Guy Who Doesn't Like Diablo Very Much.

From Weyfour WWWWolf, who grabbed your ear then put his thumb in his fist and is now running around saying "GOT YOUR EAR! GOT YOUR EAR!" until you cry.

And Villiager A, The only guy with that ultra-rare Whale Plate of the Gods +5! (That didn't get it from an l33t Ha><0r)

More from Overlord_45, who is being clicked on until he dies

Another from Wu Phu, who would rather be sailing

Yes, a lifetime guarantee... For three days. A real deal!

Sounds like a religion I might be interested in... | PRAISE JAH!

Sounds like someone's had a bit too much to drink himself.

This guy should check out the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts