It may not be a particularily great game, but it has Morrigan's ass, and isn't that all that really matters?

Contributions from Gilgamesh in a Morrigan costume, making me even more uncomfortable than Lilith does.

For some odd reason, I think I'm going to be needing them

"These unworthy customers piss me off!"

Yeah baby! | BB Hood is way punker than No Doubt | More proof of B.B. Hood's undeniable cuteness | Damn you and your advertising, Anakaris! | ARG! THAT SONG!! | Don't you mean "attain"? | Thank you sir, may I have another? | Bishamon is such a nice guy to give a choice like this | She may not be the brightest, but she's a catwoman with no clothing | If I'd have known about this market a long time ago, I probably woulda sold my soul for an Optimus Prime

From years of watching Warner Bros cartoons, I have deduced that "feeling the acme" is getting dynamite stuffed down your shorts and then being thrown off a cliff. No thanks | No wonder there's that big "NC-17" constellation flanked by a "CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND NUDITY" constellation in the night sky | ANARCHY RULES AT CAPCOM!! That's why they just get drunk all day and occasionally throw out a Megaman or Resident Evil sequel. | Who is that mysterious Ball Boy? And where does he get his wonderous balls? | Incest is best in Darkstalkers 3 | I feel this shouldn't arouse me. But dammit, it does. | God Lilith, if you could be any creepier... | Oh look, she is. | Capcom is going to have to face Hiroshi Yamauchi's immortal powers now. | Creepy and completely incoherent. Lilith, you make me cry | NO SHIT!? | Sounds like a lot of girls I've known.

The enlightened sasquatch | Hooray! WOWOW! Turn that frown upside down! | SUBTLE ADVERTISING! SUBTLE ADVERTISING! | TODAY! The exhumed corpse of King Akhmodan joins Rev. Billy Graham in spreading the word of the LAHHH-HORD! | Looks like we've entered bad hentai territory | Winners never quit! Quitters never win! Hang in there! Winners don't do drugs! | And you're doing that by hanging your cleavage outside of your shirt? Works for me. | OH GOD MORE CREEPY LITTLE GIRLS | Sounds good to me! | Well, I have another Wayne's World aphorism for YOU! SCHWING! | SO MUCH FOR AN ENCORE. SHE KILLED YOU! | AKMODAN I WILL MAKE YOU MY BITCH. SO LONELY. | Yes, remember to get the daily allowance of fiber in your diet | Akmodan's going to live the BLING BLING BIG PIMP THUG LIFE! | YOU MAY ALREADY BE PART OF HIM AS A FORMER HUMAN! | Uh, you won didn't you? | Oh, okay, glad that's cleared up. Sting away!

Heh.. Good thing she can't see me... | I'd say beast... | Dimitri, the greatest vampire poet of all time | "Capcom All Staff" | Your sword's a complete pussy | One thing I REALLY hate about Lord Raptor: His incessant surfer talk... | EXCELLENT! | Then DON'T KILL ME! | If anything, I'd take a better laugh. | A hidden tax? NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! | Um, does his name contain a profanity or something? | Yeah... | Um, I think the landwalkers went ON LAND! | No, no, no... What this needs, is MORE COWBELL! | Um, what the hell's Ozom? | I think someone forgot a punctuation mark... | VIOLENT PENNANT FIGHTING! | Why? It's the Devil's choir who are off-key! | So should you | Slash! | Bishamon's a real positive thinker... | Dimitri, the man with the most boring win quotes in the Darkstalkers series | Sorry, I was in YOUR mom's arms last night!