FEAR HAS AN ADDRESS. But it's not Castlevania 2. It's the RED DROPS AT THE END OF MEGAMAN 2! CREEPY!

Contributions from Scott R, the Graveyard Duck.

More from Damon Bane, looking at the death star and getting an enormous laser beam in the face.

*Gasp!* What did they just say?!? | Well, appaerances can be deceiving. | "You now prossess Dracula's Rib" | I don't see the humor in this. | Graveyard Duck? Is that like a toilet duck? | A hole? In your head or the cliff? Presumably your head. | The Nintendo Seal of Quality means it's sanitary for use at your local church, elderly home, or criminal institution! | That's not a moon, that's a battle station!

Whenever I'm hurt, I go to a church and scream in front of the door for an hour

Yeah, last night would have been much better, I was wearing padded underwear. But tonight, the underwear was in the wash. Great. Just bloody great.