I can't really tell the difference between number two and this one. But I can tell you a list of the various differences between King of Fighters games. So I guess it all evens out.

Contributions from Yamcha Hibiki, who I think I'll call "Spanky" from now on. Or maybe not.

nZero has been called into action again. Even though he's busy.

A huge UkuHawa is approching fast!

Cindy and Ellen: "Today's my wedding. Why bo I have to do this?" | "This is tough work, even if it is for world peace!" There is one thing that comes to mind when I read that... "Fight, Megaman! For everlasting peace!" | Please explain, why is Cindy flying on her wedding? More importantly, why is she wearing her wedding dress? | "Let's go in full blast, Miss Cindy!"

Chaika and Pooshka: Ooookay... | Ooookay two... | Ooookay three... | "It was the battle! Can't you understand a woman's spirit?" "No. I've never understood woman's spirit" | Thank you for clearing that one up | Uhhh... What?

Alex and Pictus: "Dad, protect us from a distance." "Meow."

Spanky the Dolphin: "The capitol was destroyed, but hey, what can you do?" | The strange weapons, oh they are too much for me | The truth is out there | Spanky's too much of a mad pimp for the girls to concentrate on their mission | And they can't bear to see him go

Mao Mao: "I've been called into action again. Even though i'm busy." | Is there something I missed? | "It's such a good view. Too bad about the bad guys" | Well, it'll be a little tough now, considering you just blew the city up! | "Boy am I tired. Just a little more to go. On my way!" | Mao Mao's deep, intellectual ending.

Blazers: Um, right. Hey Glinda... eh he he... | The Blazers are a team which include two muscle dudes who share the same single brain cell | They're on a plane. How are they going to get their hands on secret documents? And if they had the documents all along, why didn't they just use it? | This reminds me of Jackal.

What gave that away? That old person smell? | No, it's all holograms | SEXXXY

Keaton's ending.Sweet mother of all that is holy

Damn dirty Nazis Badds... | Um, is this supposed to be the backstory? | Ooookay four... | Well, that's natural game progression... | Different kinds of what? | Wait, if you were here before, wouldn't you already know how big it is? | Aero Fighter meets Darius! | The most homoerotic ending since Batman and Robin | Because killing is fun!